Calling All Kids

Calling All Kids!

Hey there kids! Come gather around.
This grandma’s got something to say.
The virus has turned our world upside down
and none of us likes it this way.

But here’s the thing about where we are;
grownups are struggling with all that is new.
Like making sure to keep all of you safe
and sometimes forget you’re struggling too.

They’re worried ’bout going to work or not.
That’s what parents have been thinking about.
But school’s on the minds now of all of you kids
and whether you’re in or you’re out.

Should you go to school or learn by remote?
We’re all trying to decide the best way.
Is it better or safer to learn from home,
or in school with your friends ev’ry day?

You kids are struggling with all kinds of things,
and wondering what you should do.
And all of us adults must keep that in mind,
and make time to touch base with you.

Jane Ripley 2020