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Selected Presentations and Workshops

The following selections are samples of themes that can be adapted for workshops, seminars, and retreats for any group or organization. For more information, contact us at Catholic Women’s League (CWL) Workshops on Music and Spirituality This workshop explores what is meant by our spirituality and how music may […] Read more

Selected Articles

Full articles available on request. Contact us at A Study of the Relationship between Personal Values and Moral Reasoning of Undergraduate Business Students. Norman King and Jane Ripley. “Music, Meaning, and Wellness.” The Canadian MusicTeacher, September 2015 and January 2016. This article is based on our presentation at the […] Read more


Touching the Spirit… Reflections from the Heart – by Jane Ripley and Norman King A collection of reflective verse that attempts to articulate experiences that are deeply personal yet universal. Cover Photography – Dale Ripley Shop Now An exploration of basic human experiences that at once put us in touch […] Read more